The Finding My Psych Health and Wellness Podcast

The Finding My Psych Health and Wellness Podcast

You Are Evolving - Post-Covid Professional and Personal Growth Insights

September 25, 2021

“Your emotional life should not be your anvil.”

Pumpkin Beer and personal growth

Professional and Personal Growth Insights

In today’s episode, I walk through a series of insights on professional and personal growth as part of my Autumn period of self-reflection. I challenge the idea that our work and home life should be considered separate. I also consider the importance of being comfortable with who you are and your accomplishments as a part of emotional wellbeing.

Episode Outline

Welcome to Episode 53: Professional and Personal Growth Insights

  1. What We Do:
    • Behavioural Medicine and Health Psychology
    • Providing easily accessible content designed to help you design your own transformative experience.

  2. Today:
    • I provide a series of insights I have gained at work and home promoting personal growth.

  3. Services Review:
    • Finding My Psych offers three core services focused on promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
      • Foundations: Wellness Planning Workshop
      • Walking For Vitality: Powering Up
      • Running For Fitness: 5k Build-Up

Growth Insights

  1. Professional Growth Insights:
    • Press pause!
    • Bring the right people together to evaluate decisions with big impact.
    • Look for mentors – Be a mentor.
    • There is power is process transparency – Share your thoughts and avoid stoicism.
    • Everyone is struggling. Honour the struggle of others first. Understand your struggle second.

  2. Personal Growth:
    • Your career is your lifestyle – Forget work-life balance.
    • Let your partner see you.
    • Evolve!
    • Respect your body as you age.
    • Turning Point: Your role as you age is about giving back.

  3. Overall Messages Impacting Professional and Personal Growth
    • Be comfortable in your own skin.
    • Be proud of where you stand.
    • Your emotional life is your anchor, not your Anvil.