Finding Hope

Finding Hope

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Liberation from Stress
February 05, 2016

Host Mandy (Eppley) Bird and author and coach Chris Saade discuss three aspects of stress and how important it is to make liberating yourself from stress a top

How one woman went from Fashion to Faith
January 29, 2016

Host Mandy Eppley speaks with spiritual teacher and author, Rev. Rebecca Nagy, about how her life journey has taken her from being a fashion designer to an orda

How to create a home that is healing
January 22, 2016

Host Mandy (Eppley) Bird speaks with business woman and author Jill Angelo about how her loss led her to writing a book and helping people create sacred spaces

Be Happy No Matter What
January 15, 2016

Host Mandy Eppley speaks with psychotherapist and author Ellen Seigel about celebrating the whole story of our lives – both our successes and our losses.

How YOU can change the world in 2016!
January 08, 2016

Counselor Mandy Eppley speaks with Andrew Harvey, internationally acclaimed speaker, novelist and spiritual teacher. They discuss key world events including the COP21 United Nations climate talks that recently took place in Paris, as well as the...

Tips for creating hope by supporting the authenticity in children. (Encore!)
January 01, 2016

Host Mandy Eppley and author and coach Chris Saade speak about finding hope in parenting by supporting the authentic nature and feelings of our children. This,

Building your Hope “Muscle” (Encore Episode!)
December 25, 2015

Host Mandy Eppley speaks with entrepreneur and founder of iFred and Mood-lites™, Kathryn Goetzke, as she shares her story of losing her father to suicide and ho

The Formula for Joy!
December 18, 2015

Host Mandy Eppley speaks with mother and teacher Maritza Ortiz about how, as a child from a Puerto Rican family, she was marginalized as a minority. As an adult

Service Means Everything – with guest Sandra Yancey
December 11, 2015

Host Mandy Eppley speaks with the founder of eWomen Network Sandra Yancey about how the losses in her life have shaped the woman she is today and how, in Sandra

Choosing Passion = Choosing LIFE!
December 04, 2015

Host Mandy Eppley speaks with author and coach Chris Saade about Passion as an outpouring of love that comes from our heart, and the important ways that Passion