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Jurassic Park Survival Guide
August 20, 2020

Its episode 6 of BossCast and the boys are in trouble again. Just a few short weeks after seeing off the fell-beasts, orcs and evil wizards of Middle-earth the team find themselves in Jurassic Park. How will they survive the dinosaur-packed island?

All Things Halo Infinite + Great Movie Series That Flopped
August 11, 2020

Halo Infinite Splitscreen, Free-to-Play And Trailer Thoughts + Failed Movie Franchises  It’s that time again, time for another article that summarises the bi-weekly ramblings of four men who possess just about the bare minimum insight-level required t...

Could You Survive In Middle-Earth?
July 21, 2020

The FinalBoss team are back with episode 4 of our new podcast, BossCast. In each edition of the show, a rotating lineup from the FinalBoss team will be chatting about various topics from across our favourite subjects - games, movies and TV.

Bonus Episode: All Things Jaws
June 17, 2020

Yes, it's only the third episode of the BossCast and we're already breaking from the regular format for our first special edition! In these specials, we'll be taking a deep dive into one particular subject; first up it's Jaws!

The Last of Us 2 Speculation, Snyder Cut and News! BossCast #2
June 06, 2020

The FinalBoss team are back with our second episode in the revamped podcast format. The BossCast returns with chatter about games, movies, TV and more. This week, we’re joined by another member of the FinalBoss team, Roy!

What to Expect from Mandalorian Season 2: FinalBoss Podcast #1
May 19, 2020

FinalBoss returns with a brand new podcast. We chat about The Mandalorian season 2.