Figuratively Speaking

Figuratively Speaking

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Episode #30
October 13, 2016

Force Friday reaction including Nate making his feelings on the first wave of Rogue One figures known. Cory breaks down the latest Mattel Masters of the Universe news and reviews. We speculate on what the Diamond Select / Watchman deal could mean and brea

Episode #29 Special guest Ant Lucia from Wizard World Chicago
September 29, 2016

Here is the panel recorded live with DC Collectibles Bombshell designer Ant Lucia. Listen as he talks designing statues, his new action figure line and answers questions from the audience.

Episode #28 Nate's Birthday Episode!
September 21, 2016

It's Nate's birthday so we use it as an excuse to go 90 minutes talking the latest toy news. Funko's NYCC announcements, Diamond Selects disappointing Captain America exclusive, Unlicensed Marvel figs get compared to their Hasbro counterparts, The Eagle F

Episode #28
September 01, 2016

In the latest Figuratively Speaking Podcast Cory, Nate and Ryan let their feelings out over the new offerings from NECA including the Rescuing Newt two pack, the Contra two pack and the enormous Space Jockey before diving into DC Collectibles cancellation

Episode #27
August 16, 2016

From new toys hitting shelves to new purchases hitting our doorstep we have so much new stuff to bring to you. From Nate's SDCC finds to Cory's DC Collectible and Diamond Select shippments finally showing up. We talk all this plus the Eagle Force kickstar

Episode #26 Recorded live at Wizard World Columbus
August 08, 2016

Why we collect what we collect was the topic of discussion for our panel at Wizard World Columbus, and it was great to skip news and talk the hobby of collecting with other collectors. Stories include Ryan being a powertripping stockboy, Cory finding out

Episode #25 SDCC 2016 wrap up and 1 Year Anniversary episode
August 03, 2016

We had some technical difficulties but that didn't stop us from recording an extra long Anniversary show that includes our review of SDCC 2016, Nate opening his final G.I. Joe FSS subscription figure live and Cory teaching us about the sexuality of Transf

Episode #24
July 12, 2016

Suicide Squad to Super Girl and Batman, We breakdown all the news regarding DC's Multiverse figures, Marvel's SDCC offerings, The Star Wars black series poll and we try to stop making fun of Cory long enough to talk the action figure panels just announced

Episode #23 Joe Con review
June 28, 2016

DC Collectibles canceling preorders? Marvel Legends overusing the Abomination. Ryan questions if he's insane, Cory brings in the latest DC Icons figures for us to talk about and Nate recaps Joe Con.

Episode #22
June 14, 2016

San Diego Comic Con exclusive talk starts in the Toy Topic, but before that Cory breaks down the new Marvel Legends line and how customizers are creating Magneto from a Red Guardian. Nate gets weird over a Ghostbusters figure and we all make mad jokes.