Fi Fi's Forest: Nature | Art | Community | Healing

Fi Fi's Forest: Nature | Art | Community | Healing

Latest Episodes

Ep 6: Shelly, Toes, and Gay Feathers
June 16, 2016

Tonight’s podcast welcomes Liz as our co-host and we spend the evening getting to know FiFis Forest newest Friend, as well as our Garden and Greenhouse manager, Shelly Gibson. Be warned, tonight the cast is fast,

Ep 5: Liz, Turkey, and Sage
October 08, 2015

In this episode of FiFi’s Forest, Liz joins us in all her majestic glory.  This is truly indescribable.  Parakeets that bite … the Rowan tree … turkey, sage, and a small slice of hilarity.  We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Ep 4: The Stars, Fresh Fruit, and Fancy Toilet Paper
September 26, 2015

Astrology, Buddhism, life coaching, astrodharmaden, astro dharma den, refuge recovery, addiction, green tree,

Ep 3: Walking Barefoot, Gardening, and Photography in the Forest
September 15, 2015

Rob Howard tells us about his experience in FiFi’s Forest.  Rob volunteers at MidMichigan Industries, which provides “jobs and training for people with barriers to employment through business and human services.

Ep 2: Burlesque, Disc Golf, and Cinnamon in the Forest
September 15, 2015

Roxanne and Justin visit FiFi’s Forest.  Roxanne describes a passion she has recently found in the form of performing burlesque on stage.  She is a member of the local SASS Burlesque Review.  Justin enlightens us on living abroad, Hodgkins lymphoma,

Ep 1: Introduction to FiFi's Forest
September 15, 2015

In this podcast we introduce ourselves and explain the details of what FiFi’s forest currently is and our dreams for the future.  We also introduce the listeners to our background story as a family, describe who Fifi is,