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Why YOU Should Be Your Top Priority with Kristen Higgins
July 26, 2022

In order to give your family, friends, and clients your best – you must become your best self. So how do you unleash your innermost badass self? Kristen Higgins shares her journey from childhood to vo

Battling the Boys Club with Jennifer Craig
July 05, 2022

We’re often told that finance is a “boys’ club.” But what if we could change that? In this episode, Adri hosts Jennifer Craig, RICP® Regional Director at Prudential, to discuss her journey from starti

Why Great Success Starts with Breaking Rules with Deb LaFrancis
June 21, 2022

As women in the financial industry, we have to break a few rules to succeed. Let’s face it, the financial industry has been dominated by male-driven practices and strategies for far too long… It is ti

Make Failure Your Friend and Succeed Faster with Carrie Gallaway
June 07, 2022

She has a highly successful independent firm and is skyrocketing her business…But it was the “failures” that propelled her success. When you make failure your friend, success comes faster. The only vo

Risk it All to Become Unstoppable with Jammie Serrano
May 24, 2022

Jammie was presented with an incredible opportunity but she walked away…she was totally qualified but assumed they wouldn’t hire a woman and told them so and that’s what got their attention. She spoke

Finding Your Authentic Self While Working With Old School Attitudes (and Bullies) with Margaret Marapao
May 10, 2022

Female advisors must uncover their unique approach to doing business in the financial industry, even when it’s different. The next challenge is to maintain the courage to stay true to yourself even wh

Hear Her Roar: Time To Stop Wallowing And Start Doing with Sheryl Hickerson-Brown and Matt Halloran
April 26, 2022

2022 is the year women take charge. No more wallowing in statistics, it’s time to change the industry. As women together our voices are being  heard. The movement has started.  Learn why women advisor

Embracing the Opportunity of Flexibility with Lynn Daly
April 12, 2022

After being diagnosed with a life-threatening autoimmune disorder at the age of 13, Lynn Daly discovered the importance of embracing flexibility.  As a female financial advisor, Lynn quickly learned t

Making Life Lessons Out of Life’s Challenges with Sheryl Hickerson
March 29, 2022

Trial and tribulations can either be a part of what sets you back in life or what fuels the fire to start your journey to success. In this episode, Adri talks to Sheryl Hickerson, Founder, and CEO of

Finding Success in Being Unapologetically Yourself With Matt Halloran
March 15, 2022

When we talk about what female advisors are experiencing in the financial industry today, we typically hear about it from women who are experiencing it firsthand.  But today, we’re exploring the male