Feminist Buzzkills Live: The Podcast

Feminist Buzzkills Live: The Podcast

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Arkansas: Rivers, Lakes and Abortion Is Murder
January 27, 2023

Full episode transcript HERE. Arkansas, Texas, Florida - oh my! The conservative lawmakers and fetus fetishists in these states took PURE EVIL to another level these past couple of weeks and the Feminist Buzzkills are spilling the tea on all of it. PLUS

Shedding Your Uterine Lining Is Not a Party
January 13, 2023

Full episode transcript HERE.Calling all womb warriors - Get ready to fill your earholes with the raging voices of your favorites, the Feminist Buzzkills! Prince Harrys new book has dropped, and if you havent started calling your younger siblings Spa

It's Raining Abobo Pills, Hallelujah!
January 06, 2023

Full episode transcript HERE.NEW YEAR, NEW POD DROP, AND NEW BULLSHIT TO POP OFF ABOUT! Your favorite Feminist Buzzkills are back and while we are sadly disappointed that we have not been nominated for Speaker Of The House, were forging ahead with a st

The Best & 2nd Worst Abortion Stories of 2022
December 23, 2022

Full episode transcript HERE.SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT! Whats better than your usual weekly dose of rage with The Feminist Buzzkills? A co-pod with five pissed-off, abortion-lovin hosts! Yes, you read that right -- five hosts, baby! The three Feminist Buz

Best Interviews of 2022
December 16, 2022

Full episode transcript HERE.Anyone else ready to get the f out of 2022?! The Feminist Buzzkills sure are! What better way to say goodbye and good riddance to this dumpster fire of a year than with a special recap episode highlighting three stellar int

You Don’t Need a Reason to Have an Abortion
December 09, 2022

Full episode transcript HERE. Another week fighting the post-Roe apocalypse, another hourlong pod with your beloved, fury-filled Feminist Buzzkills! The Buzzkills are Buzzkillin it up and serving this weeks latest steaming hot abobo tea for yall and

Abobo Beyoncé and the Buzzkills
December 02, 2022

Full episode transcript HERE. What happens when Lizz is out of town but the anti-abortion bullshit is still hitting the fan at full f*cking speed?! We call in Renee Bracey Sherman AKA The Beyonc of Abortion Storytelling and founder/executive directo

Kentucky, Your Votes Don’t Count
November 18, 2022

Full episode transcript HERE.Self care is: tuning in to Feminist Buzzkills Live!, your weekly dose of all things going down in these reproductive streets, where you also learn what YOU can do to combat anti-abortion extremism. The Feminist Buzzkills r

November 11, 2022

MIDTERM MADNESS ALERT! Your Feminist Buzzkills are back with an hour-long, passion-filled, loud-ass rundown of the midterm elections. Were unpacking everything you need to know about this clusterfuck election, from statewide to federal to ballot initiati

Abortion Providers Put DC on Notice
November 04, 2022

Your Feminist Buzzkills Live! are doing something a bit different this week, because weve got a special episode for the ages! Lizz went down to Washington, DC, because a bunch of dope physicians called Obstetricians For Reproductive Justice came togeth