Feminist Coffee Hour

Feminist Coffee Hour

Latest Episodes

Episode Seventy-Five The Pence Rule
September 22, 2022

Friend of the show Alexis Soterakis joins Elizabeth and Karen to discuss The Pence Rule, and sexual harassment and gender dynamics in the workplace.

Episode Seventy-Four Lara Powers and the truth human trafficking
June 09, 2022

We interviewed Lara Powers from the Polaris Project to discuss the truth about human trafficking in the United States.

Episode Seventy-Three Kiera Butler and QAnon
May 05, 2022

Karen and Elizabeth interview Kiera Butler, Senior editor and public health reporter at Mother Jones magazine about how QAnon targets women, especially mothers of small children. Is this a repeat of Stranger Danger and 80's style Satanic Panic?

Episode Seventy-Two Fundathon 2022
April 29, 2022

Karen and Elizabeth discuss raising money for abortion funds, and announce a May 17, 2022 livestream. Donate here: https://fund.nnaf.org/team/411245

Episode Seventy-One Lobster Emeritus
February 10, 2022

Elizabeth and Karen read Jordan Peterson's resignation latter from the University of Toronto and discuss his ideology, implicit bias, post modernism, and the philosophy of Vladamir Putin.

Episode Seventy Jaslin Kaur And Taxi Workers Alliance Victory
December 02, 2021

Elizabeth welcomed Jaslin Kaur back to the show to talk about the Taxi Workers Alliance hunger strike and victory, NYC politics and organizing for the future.

Episode Sixty-Nine True Crime and Missing White Women Syndrome with Dr Jean Murley
November 18, 2021

Elizabeth and Karen spoke with Dr. Jean Murley about the popularity of True Crime, the implications of the genre, and Missing White Women Syndrome.

Episode Sixty-Eight D'Arrigo 2022
October 28, 2021

Elizabeth and Karen welcomed Melanie D'Arrigo back to the show to talk about her Congressional campaign, why she can beat Tom Suozzi and George Santos where she stands on healthcare, clean water and native plants.

Episode Sixty-Seven Unfollow Me by Just Get on the Pill by Dr. Krystale Littlejohn
October 13, 2021

Elizabeth and Karen interviewed Dr. Krystale Littlejohn about her new book "Just Get on the Pill: The Uneven Burden of Reproductive Politics."

Episode Sixty-Six Unfollow Me by Jill Louise Busby
September 17, 2021

Elizabeth and Karen interview Jill Louise Busby (creator of JillIsBlack) about antiracism work, internet fame, parasocial relationships, white Unitarians and more.