Feminine Hijinx

Feminine Hijinx

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Don’t Be a Nellie Oleson: FH041
July 06, 2020

We watched the Little House on the Prairie episode, "Country Girls," and and are even more certain Nellie (and her snooty mother) are straight from the bowels of Mean Girl Hell. Then we share our own mean girl experiences and agree that we'd never go b...

You’re My Obsession: FH40
June 29, 2020

Shoes, perfume, dogs with short legs ... our obsessions are all over the board, but they have one thing in common: we can't stop thinking about them. This week, we reveal the tangible and intangible goodies that preoccupy our thoughts.

Is “Lady” Offensive? We Have Opinions: FH039
June 22, 2020

To "lady" or not to "lady" -- that is this week's question. Some find the word offensive or demeaning, while others believe it's all about the context in which it's used. We discuss the finer and no-so-finer points of the subject.

Gen X in the Workplace – Who Are We?: FH038
June 15, 2020

Gen Xers possess traits and values that suit certain types of jobs -- at least that's what some "experts" tell us -- and (surprise!) we definitely have thoughts on the subject. Also featured on this episode: Susie's shares her experience with an up-clo...

Finesse the Stress – FH037
June 08, 2020

Many people are feelin' some stress these days, y'all. From meditating to laughing to having a cocktail (or three), we share how we best manage our stress levels. Also featured in this episode: Susie's trying her best to process current events,

Mid-Life Movie Review – Where’d You Go, Bernadette? : FH036
June 01, 2020

Let's celebrate meaty roles for middle-aged women! We discuss 2019's Cate Blanchett film, Where'd You Go, Bernadette? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed and mixed up that you want to just disappear? So did Bernadette.

Diets-Schmiets — What We’ve Tried: FH035
May 25, 2020

Susie's on a new diet to reset her metabolism; no, she hasn't killed anyone ... yet. This week we talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of diets (fad and otherwise) over the years. Also featured in this episode: Susie's family gets inappropriate w...

Our Annoying Habits, Amplified by Close Quarters: FH034
May 18, 2020

We own up to our habits that are probably driving our families up a wall during this stay-at-home time. One of us is a sniffle-upagus, and the other cuts some mean farts during TV time. Also featured in the episode: Susie's lovin' her new appliance,

Happy Mother’s Day, MOFOs!: FH033
May 11, 2020

Whether you mother another human, a plant, a pet, or even yourself, being a mom can be such a love/hate experience. We share our motherhood ups and downs, and decide we're all some bad mama jamas. Also featured in this episode: Susie gets some disappoi...

COVID-19 “Beauty” Routines: FH032
May 04, 2020

Do we really need a "beauty" routine if we're not leaving the house? Seriously, who's still wearing a bra? This week is all about the current state of our daily attempts -- or lack thereof -- to be pretty and clean shaven.