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Feast Yr Ears

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Fermentation Never Sleeps: Live at Farm to People
March 13, 2023

This spring, HRN is hosting a 3-part event series at Farm to People in Bushwick, Brooklyn. This live recording is from March 8th, when Harry Rosenblum hosted the first of the series: "Fermentation Nev

Lisa Held is Paying Attention for All of Us
September 20, 2021

Lisa Held is the host of the Farm Report here on HRN. She's also a journalist covering Food Policy in Washington and beyond. To say that she knows about food and the big picture would be an understate

Take the Leap: Become an Entrepreneur
September 13, 2021

Tom Dennen and his Wife Natalie met in Business School and landed in Rhode Island as the midpoint between their respective childhood homes in Philadelphia and Maine. When they were expecting their fir

Within the Wild: Living and cooking in Alaska
July 19, 2021

The Dixon Family has been living in and around the Alaskan Wilderness for nearly 40 years. In that time they have created not one but 2 hospitality spaces, one on the water and one in the woods where

The Maine community cookbook
June 21, 2021

Karl Schatz and Margaret Hathaway were liviing in New York in 2003 when they traveled the country to learn everything they could about raising goats and making cheese. After a year on the road they landed in Maine and have been running Ten Apple Farm ever

From Boston with Love
June 14, 2021

Elle Simone is a joy to speak with. Her story is one of resilience and change, embracing new opportunities with open arms and an open heart. Tune in to hear Elle and Harry catch up about Elle's work at America's Test Kitchen, both on screen and off, and h

Art Chang for Mayor
June 07, 2021

Art Chang is running for Mayor of New York City. Korean American, raised in Ohio, Art has lived most of his life in Brooklyn. A serial entrepreneur, student, and thinker Art and Harry cover many of his ideas on the future of New York and what he brings to

One of the greats: Peter Hoffman
May 24, 2021

For 26 years Peter Hoffman presided over the kitchen (and everything else) at Savoy, Back Forty and Back Forty West. His style of cooking what was fresh and in season, wasn't popular in the restaurant world back in 1990 when first opened Savoy, but it has

What's Peter Kim up to?
April 12, 2021

Peter Kim grew up in the midwest with his Korean born parents, that meant having a whole fridge dedicated to Kimchi (sounds pretty great) Later he lived in rural Cameroon among other places. In 2011 he founded the Museum of Food And Drink (MOFAD.ORG) whil

Garden NOW!
March 29, 2021

Shannie McCabe is an educator writer and farmer with Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. Growing up on an island off the coast of Rhode Island Shannie didn't have much exposure to heirlooms, but once she hit the mainland it was ON! Living in Florida now she can g