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May 16, 2022

Eddie Van Halen never liked the sound and feel of his guitars, so he tore them apart and built his own out of the parts. Covering it with red, white, and black paint, he dubbed it Frankenstrat. And it

Weekly Challenge #838 – Every good intention
May 15, 2022

Lisa Richard Lizzie Serendipidy Norval Joe Planet Z LISA Line Sam had worked at the museum for decades, so long he was like one of the artefacts. One day, in the Modern Master’s Gallery he noticed a n

The topic of the next weekly challenge is TRAIN
May 15, 2022

Hi there. This is Laurence Simon of the 100 Word Stories Podcast at Every week, I post a topic for the Weekly Challenge, where you come up with the stories and I collect th

Swimming competition
May 14, 2022

I know there’s a lot of noise about competitive swimming right now. I don’t swim. Competitively or recreationally. And I’ve never been in a situation that the gym teachers warned me about. Falling off

The Neutron Dance
May 13, 2022

I’ve been to a lot of shitty concerts, but the shittiest was The Pointer Sisters at the Boston Palisades. Early Eighties. After the Neutron Dance. They had just enough left in them to sell out and be

May 12, 2022

As a kid, I remember sleepovers. You’d bring a sleeping bag and a change of clothes and a toothbrush. I also remember changing my mind and asking to be picked up and taken home. Although, sometimes, i

Event planner
May 11, 2022

Mindy was the finest event planner in the world. Fundraisers always call Mindy. It isn’t a party without her. Finding perfect venues, perfect caterers, perfect decorations and entertainment. “Mindy th

The Fake Zoo
May 10, 2022

The zoo has had a problem with animals escaping. “Danger Zoo!” the headlines called it. So, they put in better fences, and ran training drills. Zoo workers put on lion suits and roam around the zoo. T

Lie Lie
May 09, 2022

Back in college, I called some people friends. Every so often, we’d go to a dumpling house and order a whole table of food and split the check. Pass plates around, maybe there was some left of what I

Weekly Challenge #837: THICKET
May 08, 2022

Lisa Richard Tura Lizzie Serendipidy Tom Norval Joe Planet Z LISA Deep in the Forest He knew Little Red was heading his way. It was Sunday afternoon she’d be going to her Grandma’s house. The canopy o