Fascinating Talks

Fascinating Talks

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Roseanney Liu discusses her books, her life, and self-mastery
November 20, 2018

  Roseanney Liu is the best selling author behind You did WHAT now?! (2017) and How to Survive Elementary School (2017). Her third book Badassery 101: Ten secrets to be the Confident Boss of Your Life was released August 2018, and her 4th book,

My Shit is Beautiful and So is Yours!
October 23, 2018

Michelle Cox, creator of “My Shit is Beautiful” – myshitisbeautiful.com- discusses life, death, coaching and several things in between in this funny, refreshing, and light-hearted interview in which she is open, honest, vulnerable, and hilarious. Enjoy!

Nikki Moore, Co-Founder of Live Moore Co – www.livemooreco.com – Discusses Life After The Loss Of Her Husband, Their Relationship, Cancer, and The Business They Created
October 10, 2018

When you’re 32 years old, happily married to the most amazing partner, and expecting your first child, you don’t expect to be told you have cancer.  A late stage cancer. And when you do, it’s the scariest, most shocking news you could ever face.

Ray Carlisle of Teenage Bottlerocket discusses music, the band, Wyoming, the upcoming album, and his brother
September 04, 2018

Ray Carlisle open up about music, the band, his brother, and the upcoming TBR Album.  Thanks, Ray.

Jeff Frumess discusses horror, making movies, The Misfits, and a host of other fun topics
August 30, 2018

Jeff Frumess Discusses Horror, The Misfits, and a host of other fun topics!  Enjoy!

Marcia Mahanraj Kaur Frescura discusses Kundalini Yoga as the technology of happiness
August 23, 2018

WTF is Kundalini Yoga?  Find out in this episode as Marcia Frescura of Great Divine Flow Yoga in Vista, California, one of my teachers, discusses it, along with divinity, love, and several other fascinating concepts.  Enjoy!    

Molly Coeling discusses business, yoga, healing, feeling, and some of her own personal experiences in dealing with shame
August 14, 2018

Molly Coeling discusses the relationship between integrity and trust, showing up to make a business successful, the feeling involved with healing, and her own personal story regarding being sexually assaulted as a teenager.

David Ross, AKA “The Quitter,” discusses quitting cigarettes for good and his commitment to people quitting all the things that block them!
July 09, 2018

David Ross is known as “The Quitter,” (david@ifinallyquit.com www.ifinallyquit.com) but it was not always this way. For twenty-five years, he struggled with an addiction to alcohol, and for twenty years, he struggled with another addiction to cigarette...

Giovanna Maimone of J.C.M. Productions discusses acting, improvisation, and her book on understanding the science of energy on all levels
July 02, 2018

Owner  and  President,  Giovanna  Maimone,  was  born  in  Little  Silver,  New  Jersey  and  knew  from  the  age  of  ten  she  wanted  to  be  in  entertainment.  She  began  studying  acting,  then  attended  a  performing  arts  high  school,

Megan Fenyoe discusses her life, devastation, The Devil, and her book, “You are Enough: Five Steps from Struggle to Strength”
June 25, 2018

Megan R. Fenyoe is a Veteran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Transformational Mindset Coach, Professional Speaker and Author. As a Transformational Mindset Coach, Megan will transform your negative self-talk into positive self-empowerment beli...