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Ep. 84c – Sarah Moore – My Child’s Not Invited To Playdates And Parties
March 21, 2023

When we feel we’re being left out, it’s tough. - When we feel our kids are being left out, it’s terrible! - This week, parenting specialist and author of Peaceful Discipline, Sarah Moore addresses a q

Ep. 84b – Sarah Moore – Are Highly Sensitive Children More Prone To Depression?
March 14, 2023

Is there a correlation between a highly sensitive temperament and mental health concerns? - Today, our guest Sarah Moore answers a question from a parent who is wondering about the intensity of her so

Ep. 84a – Sarah Moore – Supporting Sensitive Kids (without walking on eggshells)
March 07, 2023

Highly sensitive kids feel the intensity of their emotions. Their highs tend to be higher and their lows tend to be lower. - This week, our guest Sarah Moore answers a question from a listener who ask

Ep. 84 – Sarah Moore – Understanding Highly Sensitive Kids
February 28, 2023

High Sensitivity is a temperament trait, meaning its biologically based rather than learned or taught. - A highly sensitive child is a child who is very affected and often reactive to environmental

Ep. 83c – Maggie Dent – Do We Tell Our Daughters They Look Beautiful?
February 21, 2023

Child experts agree that commenting on our daughters appearance may suggest we value her looks over other qualities and this inadvertently damages her self-esteem and sense of worth. - In this 3rd Q-

Ep. 83b – Maggie Dent – Do Parents Unintentionally Promote People Pleasing?
February 14, 2023

'People pleasing sounds like a positive pursuit, thought the parent who wrote in todays question. Its not! People-pleasing involves dishonoring yourself to honor someone else. Maggie Dent suggests

Ep. 83a – Maggie Dent – Are Birthday Parties Needed For A Child’s Social Success?
February 07, 2023

A Moms wondering if she can bypass hosting a birthday party for her soon to be 7 year old, without alienating her daughters friendships at school. Her daughter attends at least one birthday party a

Ep. 83 – Maggie Dent – Raising Mighty Girls and Women
January 31, 2023

Raising girls is complicated. - In spite of all our empowerment messages, rates of stress, anxiety, and depression are on the rise for girls. Studies indicate a girl's confidence drops by 30% between

Ep. 82c – Rachel Cram – How Do We Express Emotions In Front Of Our Kids?
January 24, 2023

Is it appropriate to cry in front of your children? To be angry? To show frustration? How we express our emotions in front of our kids is an important component to their emotional development and in t

Ep. 82b – Rachel Cram – What To Do When Parents Parenting Styles Differ?
January 17, 2023

In this episode, a parent asks, Will our kids be confused by the difference between my partner's and my parenting style? - Its not uncommon when one parent leans one way in an aspect of parenting f