Falling Through The Cracks

Falling Through The Cracks

Latest Episodes

Falling Through The Cracks-20-04-2017-Final Goodbye and Revisiting the Vick Dickenson Septet
April 20, 2017

Neill says goodbye for now and revisits the music of the Vick Dickenson Septet done in a show from last year

Falling Through The Cracks-06-04-2017-Sidney Bechet
April 06, 2017

Life and musical legacy of Bechet

Falling Through The Cracks-30-03-2017-Andy Sugg-Saxophonist
March 30, 2017

Background and interview with Andy Sugg

Falling Through The Cracks-23-03-2017-Jazz at the 19th Hole
March 23, 2017

Tee off with some tasty tracks and perfect your jazz swing. Concord Compilation

Falling Through The Cracks-16-03-2017 Richard Galliano - accordionist
March 15, 2017

Works of Galliano from albums Viaggio and Laurita

Falling Through The Cracks-09-03-2017 Gerard Masters - an Introspective
March 08, 2017

Piano performances by Gerard Masters in 3 formats spanning 1998-2003

Falling Through The Cracks-02-03-2017 The Manhattan Transfer
March 01, 2017

A portrait of one of the most celebrated vocal groups in jazz history

Falling Through The Cracks-23-02-2017-Cannonball Adderley-The Man in the Clouds
February 23, 2017

Alto Saxophonist Cannonball Adderley enters the world of Bossa Nova with a group from Rio

Falling Through The Cracks-16-02-2017-Coleman Hawkins-Tenor Giant
February 16, 2017

Life and works of Coleman Hawkins-a Big Bang moment