Facing Evil with Candice DeLong

Facing Evil with Candice DeLong

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Episode 6 - Dawn Silvernail
November 12, 2015

Dawn Silvernail shot and killed an innocent woman as she left church on a cold fall night. It was at point blank range, gangland - style. Yet Dawn seemed the most unlikely executioner. She was your average mom living a quiet life in Earton NY. Or so her h

Episode 5 - Cindy White
November 05, 2015

Cindy White was a live-in nanny to four gorgeous children. Then, one New Years Eve, she burnt their house down with everyone inside. The parents died along with the children. Cindy is found guilty on six counts of murder. She appears to be a monster, but 

Episode 4 - Cliff Youens
October 30, 2015

Cliff Youens was not what he seemed. He lived a double-life – one as man and one as a woman. And not just any woman. By night Cliff’s female character was a renown Texan entertainer. By day he was a mild-mannered man eager to settle down and start a famil

Episode 3 - Jennifer Reali
October 23, 2015

Jennifer Reali says she was under the spell of a religious man when she shot his wife dead. At the time she believed murder was a lesser sin than adultery. It sounds like crazy talk but Jennifer is not mentally ill. How can a rational person think taking

Episode 2 - Tyra Whitney
October 16, 2015

Tyra Whitney says she was protecting her own, when she drove a hammer into the skull of her daughter’s boyfriend. She pleaded a ‘momma bear’ defense, but a jury called her a murderer. Tyra speaks openly to Candice about her crime and events leading up to

Episode 1 - Alexandra Tobias
October 09, 2015

Alexandra Tobias was portrayed as a negligent 22-year-old mom, so caught up in online gaming that she murdered her three-month-old son because he was a distraction. How could anyone really do such a thing? Candice goes behind the headlines and prison wall