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Hugh Culver

EE048 – Lessons learned from successful launch of new online course

June 12, 2015

Experts Enterprise Podcast
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EE-048 - Debrief of BOSS with Jane and Sarah

Putting on an online program is sometimes a bit of a mystery. In this podcast, Jane Atkinson, Sarah Esch, and myself talk about our experience with launching and running BOSS (Business of Speaking School).
Break down of the BOSS:

Business of Speaking School
8 weeks long
Every Monday sent teaching component: 2-3 videos.

Video topics - speakers' website, speech outline, working with a bureau, pricing, how to negotiate sales, product development, etc.

Every Friday- live 90 minute call
Private Facebook Group (really valuable)
Strategy Call - 30 minute call with Jane or Hugh.


March 2015
55 people signed up
Marketing- Facebook advertising and webinars

What went right:

Buyers felt they were going to get their money’s worth
Jane and Hugh coming together

Synergy of marketing lists

Chat box on Meeting Burner - great for group calls


It created a very busy schedule
Creating as you go

What did you learn for next time:

Have realistic expectations for what your clients can achieve.
It takes time to create lots of great content (handouts, videos, calls, but you can transfer it to next time.


1st Webinar - 500 registered
2nd webinar - 500 registered
Facebook Advertising- $2,000 spent, but it did not produce any sales.


When you do it the first time its not going to be perfect … and that is okay.
Be strategic.
Start small.
Don’t invest too much in platforms.
Create great content.

We would deem BOSS a success! I hope this debrief has helped you understand the thinking behind product creation and inspires you to create your own.
Really cool news! We are doing BOSS again in March and April 2016, so stay tuned!

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Meeting Burner – our favourite tool for both teleseminars and webinars. 

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