Hugh Culver

Hugh Culver

EE032 - Jon Loomer teaches Facebook

April 06, 2014

In this free-ranging interview you meet Jon Loomer, an expert on advanced Facebook advertising.

Jon got hooked on social media advertising while working for the NBA and hasn’t looked back. One of the more savvy Facebook advertising experts, Jon has a lot to say about the naysayers who think Facebook doesn’t work as an advertising platform.

Some the Jon’s quotes from this interview include:

“No matter what the shiny object is you should be focussed on what you control”

“Facebook is just one spoke in the wheel”

“We are so spoiled when it comes to Facebook”

“We should be looking at people as people, not robots”

“We need to add value to the people in our new feed”

“Anytime you try to game the system it’s bound to backfire”

In this interview Jon reveals:

  • Why Facebook is still one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the Internet

  • Why you are more than a marketer

  • How to fast-track your Facebook success


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