Experiencing Real Life

Experiencing Real Life

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Episode 18 – An Interview with Mark Crawford
November 08, 2019

Listen in as Prophetic Apostolic Consultant, Mark Crawford of Insight Consulting and Pastor Troy discuss the importance of having Apostolic ministry in your life.

Episode 17 – Leadership Training at Journey Church in Colleyville, TX
November 01, 2019

Pastor Troy discusses the difference between a supernatural church and a non-supernatural church. Also, the importance of us being a supernatural people and living a prophetic lifestyle without giving up the practical application of how to get things d...

Episode 16 – An Interview with Pastor Steven Gashumba from Uganda, East Africa.
October 25, 2019

Listen to this wonderful story of redemption from a village boy with snake bites, no shoes and sleeping on the ground to the world-known pastor who carries the power of God into the dark places of Uganda, East Africa as he digs water wells.

Episode 15 – An interview with Darren Stott of Seattle Revival Center (part 2)
October 18, 2019

listen to this interview between Pastor Troy and Pastor Darren Stott as they discuss the Sons of Issachar anointing, Prophetic Timing.

Episode 14 – An interview with Darren Stott of Seattle Revival Center (part 1)
October 11, 2019

listen to this phone conversation between Pastor Troy and Pastor Darren Stott ,of Seattle Revival Center in Newcastle Washington, as they discuss kingdom (church) government.

Podcast Episode 13 – An interview with Pastor Drew Neal of Generation One Church
October 04, 2019

Listen in on this phone conversation with Pastor Drew Neal of Generation One Church in Detroit Michigan and Pastor Troy as they discuss prophetically impacting churches, businesses, and governments around the world with words of wisdom from the Father.

Episode 12- An Interview with Steve Stone
September 27, 2019

Listen in as Pastor Troy has a conversation with horseman, musician, business owner, and liberator, Steve Stone about rodeo, music, and freeing girls and boys out of sexual slavery.

Episode 11 – Family in Ministry
September 20, 2019

Pastor Troy and his bride, Pastor Leanna discuss the challenges of raising kids in the ministry.

Episode 10 – An Interview with Jamie Galloway Author of Secrets of the Seer
September 06, 2019

What does it sound like when two prophetic guys talk about whatever they want? Listen in as me and Jamie talk bout times and seasons, prophetic skill sets, & cyclical timelines. Jamie also shares a testimony of sharing Jesus at a Korn concert.

Episode 9 – An interview with Scott Volk author of “Jesus Was Not A Christian”
August 30, 2019

Listen in to an interview with the Author of “Jesus Was Not A Christian” Scott Volk https://togetherforisrael.org