Evolve Faster with Scott Ely

Evolve Faster with Scott Ely

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EF49 (S2-E10): The Domino Effect: The Momentum of an Unstoppable Future
May 26, 2020

Sam Payne is on the brink of tearing down the entire world in hopes of getting in touch with a higher force she believes created the universe. Not knowing what the force might be, she’s risking everything to get to the other side. In the last moment,

EF48 (S2-E9): Checkmate: A Child’s Guide to the Good Life
May 12, 2020

Sam Payne, a physicist, finally discovers the true origin of the universe after sacrificing most of her life to the endeavor. But the discovery has vast repercussions which shake the foundation of Sam’s sanity.

EF47 (S2-E8): Infinite Regress: Drawing Back The Veil of Perception
April 28, 2020

Sam Payne was a physicist on the verge of discovering the true nature of reality when her project was shut down. But a suspicious gift enables her to go underground to an illegal world of virtual work, in order to try and recruit rogue scientists to re...

EF46 (S2-E7): Empathetic Distortion: Rigging the Scales of Justice
April 14, 2020

Put in an impossible position early in her career, Mary Payne was forced to make a choice between saving a single identifiable victim or helping an entire community of nameless people. The decision haunts her entire life. Many years later in old age,

EF45 (S2-E6): Weaving Society’s Web: Purpose in a Future Without Work
March 31, 2020

In a post-work society governed by an artificial intelligence corporation, John Weber is the creator of an illegal virtual world called Silk that is cloaked in secrecy. Accused that Silk is causing VR overdoses that leave players in debt or even dead,

EF44 (S2-E5): Reality Unchained: Smashing the Icons of Social Delusion
March 17, 2020

Sam Payne is a renowned physicist investigating the nature of reality at an advanced particle accelerator. Immediately after making a groundbreaking discovery, the research mysteriously gets shut down. Without a team or a lab,

EF43 (S2-E4): Evil Urges: The Fiery Duality of Human Nature
March 03, 2020

Michael Fleming, a crestfallen journalist, interviews an infamous euthanasia doctor named Dr. Theodor Payne. Initially, Michael’s goal appears to be proving that Payne’s deeds are pure evil, with the implication that he should be prosecuted for perform...

EF42 (S2-E3): Civil Individualism: Loneliness Atop Mount Empowerment
February 18, 2020

The big question driving Episode EF42 is ... What does it mean to be an individual? Sam Payne is finishing her Ph.D. in physics under the advisement of a professor making a controversial claim as to why the Big Bang wasn’t the beginning of the universe...

EF41 (S2-E2): Transhuman Fallibility: The Existential Risk of a Superhuman Future
February 04, 2020

Will Storia is a graduate student whose PhD work in history and evolutionary psychology is evolving into a manifesto about radically changing the trajectory of civilization. On his show, The Next Evolution,

EF40 (S2-E1): Dehumanized: The Search for Self in the Devil’s Looking Glass
January 21, 2020

The big question driving Episode EF40 is ... Do we need society and culture? Sam, a 16-year-old from the South, organizes a school walkout to protest the technological trends leading society towards an AI-run government owned by corporate tech royalty....