Evil is as Evil Does

Evil is as Evil Does

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Our Favorite Adorable Existential Nightmare
June 24, 2019

Today we are so excited to have our first ever guest on the show—Echo Roanoke! (@echoroanoke) - We’re catching up on a bunch of very-serious-not-serious Magic that all three of us played in the semi-recent past at RollPlus Con,

s1e46 That’s Blades in the Dark – Finale
June 18, 2019

Giant golden worm in tow the Night Snails make their way to the bank literally! Though not everything can be easy going for the members of the Night Snails in the finale episode... right?

Amber’s Revenge: Princess Mananoke
June 17, 2019

We’re diving back into the Cube for a Winston Draft, and there’s a lot on the line. Amber’s looking for her first recorded victory, and is willing to dive into unexpected strategies in order to do it. Kenny is sticking to the tried and true,

Teysa’s Boob Sweat
June 10, 2019

Amber and Kenny are both pieces of shit. But they sure have fun! This week they both bring cool and interesting ideas to the table and then proceed to not take it sufficiently seriously for the other’s liking. But that’s also basically the brand?

Extra Turn: Conspiracy Corner
June 07, 2019

Modern Horizons spoiler season is out in full force and it’s a whacky, anything-goes, every mechanic but the kitchen sink monstrosity—but is it cool? Yeah, it’s pretty fucking cool. We discuss the power of nostalgia and whether or not Modern Horizons m...

s1e45 Gold on the Move
June 04, 2019

The Nights Nails are sooo close to pay dirt! There are just a few obstacles in their way, like a mechanized gnome...

M-M-M-My Daretti!
June 03, 2019

Coming fresh off a sweet and savory deckbuilding brainstorm sesh, our heroes are ready to dive back into battle, squaring off with new commander decks. In this corner, a literal trash goblin Charles Xavier looking motherfucker who’s ready to scrap (in ...

50 – Book of Spring – Forging Friendships
May 30, 2019

At last! The time has come for them to pick up their weapons AND it's also a certain guard’s special birthday!

Planeswalker, More Like LAMEswalker
May 27, 2019

There was no darker or more evil creation in all the multiverse than that of the overburdened SD card. We lost half of this episode to the void, but have no fear! Amber and I don our acting caps and put the collective casts of GoT and the entire MCU to...

The Matrix
May 22, 2019

Kristin finally got a marginal amount of her s**t together so here she is joined by Amber, Brandon, and Josh to discuss keyboards, prop food, and how cool it would be if they made a sequel to this movie.CW: This episode mentions suicide.