Evil Dead 'Cast: An Ash vs. Evil Dead Podcast Baby

Evil Dead 'Cast: An Ash vs. Evil Dead Podcast Baby

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38: Evil Dead Rise (2023)
April 29, 2023

Reposted from The Cast of Us, which you can find at: https://podcastica.com/podcast/the-cast-of-usEvil Dead is back! So Rich, Chris, and Jason are resurrecting our old podcast, Evil Dead Cast, from

37: Evil Dead: The Musical
February 04, 2020

Rich and Jason finally got to see Evil Dead: The Musical (and Chris saw it years ago) and so as promised, here we are to talk about it! Plus, some news about all things Evil Dead, including highlights from a recent Reddit Ask-Me-Anything from Sam...

36: “The Mettle of Man” (S3E10)
April 29, 2018

This is it, our take on the final episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, and also the final episode of this podcast. As you'll be able to tell by listening, this podcast was really special for the three of us, and we're sad to see it end for many reasons, not...

35: “Judgment Day” (S3E9)
April 22, 2018

Everything's coming to a head this week, and it's exciting and all kinds of f*#ed up! And we loved it all! What did we NOT love? The news that Ash vs. Evil Dead has been canceled. :( Even though we saw it coming, we're all seriously bummed. But, we're...

34: “Rifting Apart” (S3E8)
April 15, 2018

Things are getting seriously grave on AVED lately, with two-thirds of the Ghost Beaters technically dead, and our opinions are divided about it. Plus, one of you brave souls submitted a reading of a scene from AVED!!! Who will be next? How about YOU?!...

33: “Twist and Shout” (S3E7)
April 08, 2018

I'm not in this podcast episode so I don't know what Rich and Chris said, but I'm sure it was great. Enjoy! (P.S. I thought the episode was awesome, but rather disturbing seeing Ashy Slashy slashing up all those teenagers, even if it was his evil...

32: "Trapped Inside" (S3E6)
April 01, 2018

Vicious battle between the two badass chicks on the show this week, plus an interdimensional encounter in the cellar. And the plot just keeps getting more and more complicated. Join Rich and Jason to talk it through! Don't forget, we're taking a cue...

31: Arielle Carver O'Neil (Brandy) + "Baby Proof" (S3E5)
March 25, 2018

It's been so fun to see Ash trying his misguided best to be a good dad this season, and as you guys know, we think Arielle Carver O'Neill has been fantastic as his daughter. So it was great to get to know Arielle a bit this episode and find out about...

30: Bruce Campbell + "Unfinished Business" (S3E4)
March 18, 2018

We interviewed Bruce! It's a quick one - but it's Bruce! :) Plus, special guest Rima joins us to cover this week's episode, and a bunch of notable news and hints at the future of the series.  Links: Bruce Campbell...

29: "Apparently Dead" (S3E3)
March 11, 2018

This week Ash gets a little action in a coffin. Yeah baby! You can call us at (650) 485-DEAD, that's (650) 485-3323, or write to us at groovy@podcastica.com. Check us out on the web at facebook.com/evildeadcast, twitter.com/evildeadcast, or podcastica.co