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Even If You Miss… Season 3 – Episode 4 – Things To Negotiate With Your Principal So You Can Have the Best School EVER!!!
November 01, 2021

Keeley and Claire definitely know how to negotiate to get what they want for their school in this latest episode.  They came up with a list of things to ask their principal for that they think will ma

Even If You Miss… Season 3 – Episode 3 – Dreams?….Go for it!
October 20, 2021

Dreams are a big deal.  They help us to create the life we want for ourselves. So you could say this is a pretty important episode. - Join Charlotte, Erin, Lily, Chanel, Glenys and Abigail as they tal

Even If You Miss… Season 3 – Episode 2 – Why Having Fun is SOOOOOOO Important
October 01, 2021

This week, Mia, Jayden, Autumn, and Grady are teaching us exactly how important having fun is. - They teach us about the benefits of pretend, physical, social, and mental play and the benefits it has

Even If You Miss… Season 3 – Episode 1 – Lend a Hand….Not a Fist!
September 22, 2021

We are back!  Welcome to Season 3 of our Even If You Miss podcasts.  This is a wellness podcast for kids, written, produced, and recorded by kids.  Our season 3 premiere episode has Cade, Justine, Add

Even If You Miss… Season 2 – Episode 24 – Dear Grade 6 Students….Welcome to Junior High
June 15, 2021

We are soooo excited to have two of our original podcasters and former students, Taylor and Rachel back for a very special episode.  Rachel and Taylor are now in Junior high and we invited them back for a very important reason. - Today,

Even If You Miss… Season 2 – Episode 23 – What Makes School So Great!
June 04, 2021

Going through a pandemic has made us realize that school isn't so bad after all.  Join Ben, Kylynn, and Aria as they take us through a list of what makes their school so great. - We think you will be surprised at what they have come up with! -

Even If You Miss… Season 2 – Episode 22 – Spilling Tea
May 20, 2021

Our strong student leaders who usually run this podcast have been out of the school doing some virtual learning for the last couple of weeks so we have 8 year old Maddyn and 6 year old Jackz running the show today. - In this episode,

Even If You Miss… Season 2 – Episode 21 – Be You, Stay You
May 03, 2021

In this very important episode, Cade, Makendra, and Erin teach us about the importance of being ourselves. - They teach us some valuable tips on being comfortable with who you are and how you can surround yourself with people who lift you up.

Even If You Miss… Season 2 – Episode 20 – Our Interview with author, Caitlin Bangsund
April 19, 2021

We are so excited to be able to interview an author who has kids at our very own school!!  Caitlin has a new book out called, Marvellous Macey, The Delightful Days. - This book has an amazing message all about  hope and finding your zest in every day....

Even If You Miss… Season 2 – Episode 19 – Growing a Seed Idea
March 23, 2021

Did you know that every author starts with a seed idea?  This seed idea starts small and then grows into something amazing!  Join Mia, Maeve, and Makendra as they explore how authors become published authors just from growing their seed ideas.