ESL Unscripted | Exploring the lives of English language learners, teachers, expats and non-native s

ESL Unscripted | Exploring the lives of English language learners, teachers, expats and non-native s

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Episode 34 (Korea) | Yulia | Student | Russia
March 09, 2016

Yulia joins us in episode 34 to chat about her journey to Korea from Russia. Find out how she survived the first year living in the countryside with the locals, the scary proposition of doing your Master's degree and Ph.D in a third language, and her...

Slang Break Part 2 | Episode 33
March 03, 2016

This new style of Slang Break is all about the language coming straight from Todd in Episode 33. ESL Unscripted has always been as much about language learning as it has been about hearing great stories. In this way, the new format of Slang Break...

Slang Break Part 1 | Episode 33
March 02, 2016

New style of Slang Break

Episode 33 (USA) | Todd | Traveler | USA
March 01, 2016

Episode 33 is a pretty unique traveler episode. In this chat with Todd, we talk about the world of cruise ship life. Fifteen years ago, both Todd and I worked on cruise ships, a multi-cultural adventure unlike any other. From adjusting to the first...

Episode 32 (Vietnam) | David | Traveler | England
February 23, 2016

David Holmes (Episode 22), the world-touring bicyclist who has ridden through 40+ countries on his bike, returns in episode 32 for a long-awaited question and answer session. Using both questions you submitted via e-mail and my own, we finally get to...

Episode 31 (Thailand) | James | Expat | England
February 17, 2016

This episode 31 takes us to Thailand for the first time! James has been living in Bangkok for about 5 weeks now and shares with us his initial impressions of the city as well as the numerous groups he’s joined to help him get started on the...

Episode 30 (India) | Alex | Expat | Canada
February 09, 2016

Episode 30 takes us to Mumbai, India for the first time. Alex joins us to talk about what it's like to live in such an unpredictable and diverse city. We also chat a little bit about English in India and Alex's recommendations for studying...

Episode 29 | Matt | Random | USA
February 08, 2016

Episode 29 is a Random chat with Matt, an expat from the USA who's been living in Busan, South Korea for the past nine years. Along with our random chat, we also discuss his initial decision to live and work abroad as well as a few tips for succeeding...

Episode 28 (Korea) | Songhee | Student | Korea
January 26, 2016

Episode 28 is a chat with Songhee, a Korean girl who lived, studied, and worked in Australia for a year. In this episode, we briefly discuss her experience abroad as well as her current job as an English Teacher. Also in this episode: new editions of...

Episode 27 (Korea) | Jade | Local | Korea
January 19, 2016

Lots of *NEW* in this first show of 2016!