Eric and Stacey's Bum's Out The Window

Eric and Stacey's Bum's Out The Window

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Bathroom Problems
May 01, 2022

Hey kids! Back with some more complaining to do. Enjoy!

Toothpick Girl
March 27, 2022

Random Nonsense

You Never See A Ghost In Reebok Pumps
February 27, 2022

- The greatest ad ever written was for wd40 - Florida News - Why are ghosts only from the 1920s? - Other weird random nonsense

Hollisters Rocky Mountain Tea
February 20, 2022

Hey! Got sick, all better now. Here's a new episode. K bye

Joe Rogan vs Neil Young
January 30, 2022

-We go over the whole Spotify thing -Weird Florida news -Review the new song from Ghost (Call Me Little Sunshine) -90's Song Lyrics -Bush, Machine Head -Random Facts

Vaccine In My Thong
January 16, 2022

Hey! In todays show dot dot dot - Coders keep messing with stuff - Dear God Stop Talking, Vaccine rap edition - Top TSA weird finds of 2021 - Star Trek Discovery Season 4 review (so far) 551-258-3601

Famous Anus
January 09, 2022

New show, same idiots!

Someone Put a Rubber On the Door
September 26, 2021

September 12, 2021

A Labored Stool
September 05, 2021