Epic Human Podcast

Epic Human Podcast

Mindful A.I., with James Wells

February 02, 2020

James Wells is VP of Corporate Development at Sanctuary AI, a company building & scaling embodied artificial general intelligence (AGI).

In this episode, James and I discuss the differences between various types of artificial intelligence and opine on the future of the relationship between humans & intelligent machines.

James is also an accomplished survivalist, yogi, ironman, & meditator

In this episode, we cover James’s highly unique experiences

  • Completing a wilderness survival course in the middle of nowhere

  • Running an ironman race with almost no traditional training (as in running, biking, or swimming)

  • Learning and struggling through meditation practice and the impact it’s had on his personal & professional life

This episode was kind of stitched together over a few recorded conversations we had, and the final product is exceptional. I think anyone could get something out of our chat.