Epic Human Podcast

Epic Human Podcast

Lifelong Maker, with Eric Anderson

November 20, 2018

Eric Anderson is a Principal at Scale Venture Partners, a Bay Area venture firm that specializes in enterprise SaaS, developer tools, and infrastructure. Eric is a former product manager at both Google and Amazon, a former engineer with GE’s rotational leadership program, and a lifelong entrepreneur. Eric founded DocPro (www.docpro.app), the "Uber for office work." He’s also a dedicated family man, as a father of four fantastic children. In this episode, Eric shares his unique experiences growing up as a one of six siblings, discovering his passion for science and “making things” as a kid, facilitating union conflicts as a young engineer, breaking into the world of cloud computing with some of the largest tech titans of Silicon Valley, and eventually transitioning to a career in venture capital.

  • Follow Eric on Twitter @ericmander and his firm @scalevp

  • Or visit Scale Venture Partners at www.scalevp.com

  • And check out DocPro (www.docpro.app), the "Uber for office work"