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Entrepreneurs in Action

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EIA 057 How Professor Laurie Underwood is Working in and with China Post Covid?
September 04, 2021

Laurie Underwood Laurie Underwood is an American professor, author and consultant specializing in cross-cultural business communications She has studied worked and lived in Shanghai since 2002 Togethe

EIA 056 Future Leaders in Sino-European Enterprises
August 22, 2021

Jochen Schultz is the Managing Director and Member of the Board at China Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg, He has been supporting institutions and companies with professional training for 16 years (Schultz

EIA 055 How to Participate in the Boom of the Food and Beverage Market in China?
August 12, 2021

Frank Epping in 1995 founded CUP&CINO in Germany. He is still the sole owner and CEO of the company that started with coffee shops. This podcast is a recording of a moderated webinar titled “How to Pa

EIA 054 The Hive Podcast Series Learning to Podcast
November 03, 2020

Erin Soutar - Erin Soutar of the Hive Co-working Space Lavender Podcast studio in Singapore reverses the roles on Neville J McKenzie as he is the one discussing his thoughts on podcasting. The Hive ha

EIA 053 London Barber Cuts into Singapore
January 24, 2020

Elvis Simon - Elvis Simon is a barber with 33 years experience as a salon owner and teacher of barbering in London, England. He has also founded the Quality Barbers Association, QBA, which is involved

EIA 052 Scientist to Entrepreneur
October 14, 2019

Moses Kakanga Moses Kakanga was born by Lake Victoria in the old capital Entebbe, Uganda where he attended school before moving to the capital Kampala Makerere University, the oldest university in eas

EIA 051 The Beginners View on Podcasting
April 07, 2019

Ann Morgan is new to the world podcast production and joins Graham Brown the founder of Asia Tech Podcast and myself in our latest conversation recorded in the Asia Tech Podcast studio for the Ask Me Anything Podcast,

EIA 050 Why You Should Podcast
March 26, 2019

Graham Brown is the founder of Asia Tech Podcast. This is our second one on one conversation and was recorded in the ATP studio for the Ask Me Anything Podcast, where we discuss podcasting with a focus on Asia along with the wider personal aspects of p...

EIA 049 Give the Unheard Entrepreneur a Voice
January 30, 2019

Graham Brown is the founder of Asia Tech Podcast. In this conversation Graham tells us about his journey from an AI graduate in the 90’s, when there was no demand, becoming an entrepreneur in several industries,

EIA 048 Feed Camp 2018 Part 2
December 06, 2018

John Cheng, Aaron Wong and Wynne Peh are three participants of Feed Camp 2018 and we find out the background to their participation - The issue and what if a solution is not found stated by John from