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The Entertainment Engine

We discuss Online Music Industry Courses and Mentoring Programs - by Seamless Entertainment

June 24, 2021

This week we discuss Seamless Entertainment's Music Industry courses and mentoring programs for creatives pursuing their career goals! Seamless is launching the online courses in the coming weeks. Please see below an overview of the 3 different courses we'll be rolling out very soon via
Artist Management Mentoring Online Course - This course provides the most relevant and up-to-date skills for current and future music managers to help them navigate the music industry and build a successful career. You will become equipped with the skills needed for a successful career in artist management, working with music industry professionals with decades of experience working within the music industry. 
Music Festival Structure, Planning & Finance Online Course- This course has been developed to provide NEW music promoters with the tools, knowledge, and experience from our seasoned team. You will learn the "ins and outs" of the music festival world.
The Music Business Overview Course Online- This course has been designed to show you how the music business works today providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge to sustain a career in the music business.
The Entertainment Engine ''Spotlight artist'' for June 2021 - we're featuring Irish Singer-Songwriter Megan O'Neill, Megans sound is a perfect blend of ambient, alternative rock, and earthy pop music. Megan's toured the UK, Ireland, the US, and Germany, performing at private Oscars’ parties in LA, her song 'Don’t You’ featured on ABC’s hit TV Show ‘Nashville’. Megan's opened for Lighthouse Family, Jamie Cullum, and for the legendary Sir Tom Jones. 
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