Enterprise NOW! Podcast

Enterprise NOW! Podcast

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Ep 146: Cash Flow is King. Take Action on Your Passion with Thomas DeSchutter
September 27, 2019

Thomas DeSchutter is a former rock drummer turned financial strategist. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, family man and CEO of Bloom Strategies. With over 2 decades of experience in the money industry he is passionate about educating and inspiring peopl...

Ep 145: Boost Your Brand and Get 7 Figure Results with Jeff Pulvino
September 12, 2019

Jeff Pulvino is the CEO and Founder of Boost Media Group a full-service digital marketing agency. Boost Media Group has helped fortune 500 companies, award-winning athletes, and yes even business owners like you establish and execute on marketing strat...

Ep 144: Get Off the Bench, Get in the Game. Be a Beacon of Light with Angela Marshall.
September 02, 2019

Angela Marshall, also known as “Author Stone,” is an Augusta, Ga., native, entrepreneur and positive words powerhouse that utilizes her personal life experiences of struggle, strength and success to captivate audiences and readers abroad.

Ep 143: Discipline, Authenticity and Perseverance with Mark Bosque
August 09, 2019

Mark Bosque has 20 years of experience in event, entertainment, and corporate security. Mark has a passion for working with canines since he was a child. He is the founder and CEO of K9 X - Factor. - K9 X-Factor is a service provider that shines a pos...

Ep 142: Building Blocks of Business with Michael Thompson
July 26, 2019

Michael Thompson’s depth of service-oriented industries uniquely positions him as President of Applied Management Group, Inc. Over the past two decades Michael has applied his product knowledge and analytical skills in senior roles at leading water tre...

Ep 141: Find a Space to Be Brave and Tell Your Story with Megan McGee
July 11, 2019

Megan McGee is a co-founder of Ex Fabula. Ex Fabula strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. Ex Fabula is committed to diversity and hosts events throughout the city – from Bronzeville to Bay View and Westtown to Sherman Park. -

Ep 140: The Journey to the No with Julia Carlson
June 26, 2019

Julia is the Founder of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, LLC.  She has been practicing financial planning for more than 20 years and specializes in helping people who are either retired or close to retirement.

Ep 139: How to Use Compassionate Curiosity to Find Confidence in Conflict with Kwame Christian
June 13, 2019

Kwame Christian is the Director of the American Negotiation Institute where he conducts negotiation and conflict management workshops around the country. - He is the author of the best-selling book Nobody Will Play With Me: How to Use Compassionate Cu...

Ep 138: Find Alignment in Feedback with John Larson
May 16, 2019

John Larson is the creator of Coach Accountable. Coach Accountable allows competent coaches to do their very best work: coaching that's more effective and more approachable. - Crafted and refined since 2012,

Ep 137: Designing the System in the Cloud with Collin Graves
May 02, 2019

Collin Graves is the founder and CEO of North labs. North labs helps businesses realize the true power of Amazon Web Services with industry-leading managed services and big data solutions. My conversation with Collin Graves of North Labs is full of Gol...