CompTIA EmTechCast

CompTIA EmTechCast

Moving Forward: Where Transportation Technology is Taking Us

November 27, 2018

Did you know your car probably has a SIM card in it? In this episode of the EmTech Podcast, SAP futurist and innovation evangelist Tom Raftery talks with CompTIA communities leader Jim Hamilton about emerging tech in the transportation sector and how technology is revolutionizing how we move people, goods, and services.

The discussion in this episode of the EmTech Podcast covers big shifts in transportation, including connected cars, the electrification of transportation and the current shift to autonomy. They also talk about where things are going, like companies developing ways you can order a latte, have it delivered to your house and have the car simultaneously offer you a ride to work.

Stay tuned to the end for advice smaller companies can use related to technology and transportation, and the differences Raftery sees between the U.S. and his home country of Ireland.