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FINAL -- The Audio Blog Joins The Ellory Wells Show
February 20, 2017

What's happening to the Ellory Wells dotcom audioblog, where we're moving, and other updates.

4 Questions that Will Help You Clarify Your Business
January 05, 2017

Do you have a great idea? Have you thought about turning that idea into a business?It can often be a challenge to find focus and clarity about what you're doing or around the adventure you're about to start. One of the benefits of participating in a mast

Leadership and the Importance of Follow Through
October 12, 2016

Following through is one of the best ways to build credibility, earn trust, and establish yourself as a leader. Without follow through, your credibility is damaged, your personal brand takes a hit, and your leadership will be questioned.As a leader, whet

Before You Hire a Coach, Ask Yourself These 10 Questions
October 02, 2016

Coaches see what we can't, because they're not where we are. The decision to hire a coach is a big one. To assist you, I've come up with 10 questions you should ask before you hire a coach.

It's Never Too Late to Get Started
October 02, 2016

You're too old. You have no new ideas, much less good ones, and everything original is coming from the guys and girls in their twenties and thirties.It's too late. You waited too long, and it's now time to pass the torch.

The Key to the Success and Popularity of Pokémon Go
September 26, 2016

Pokémon Go is the hottest app in the world right now. It broke records for most downloads, set new ones, and continues to garner more attention than any other app on any phone,ever.But why did Pokémon Go take over? Why is it so popular? And, is it here t

The Math & Science Behind Success
August 02, 2016

I've done it! I've figured out the math behind success. You may think I've lost it; you might think I couldn't possibly have the answer.Whatever you think is fine with me, but I've figured it out, and I'm about to share it with you.

Why I Chose to Self-Publish My Second Book
July 18, 2016

There's something about writing a book that makes you stand out in a crowd. Seeing your name in print carries a prestige that only a small few get to understand.On July 8, 2016, I self-published my second book. ThoughExit Strategywasn't my first book to

How to Be More Effective, Enjoy Life, and Accomplish Your Goals
July 11, 2016

Have you ever wished you could get more done? Have you ever looked at the highly successful people in the world and wondered how they can get so much done in the same 24 hours everyone else has?

What Do You Do Again? Explaining Life as an Entrepreneur
July 11, 2016

Have you ever sat across the table from someone and tried to explain what you do, only to have them stare at you blankly?What do you do when no one knows what you do?Here's how you can clarify your message so you can build your business.