Elephate in the Room

Elephate in the Room

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Episode 29 – Two of a Kind with Alexis Sanders & Tomek Rudzki
January 31, 2019

Something a little different today – two enter the room! Alexis Sanders and Tomek Rudzki join us today, mainly so these Twitter buddies could talk to each other. Alexis does SEO and SEO Experiments at Merkle, and Tomek is an R&D Specialist and

Episode 28 – Carpenter or Lumberjack with Dominic Woodman
January 24, 2019

Dominic Woodman works at Distilled, runs teflSearch, and blogs at http://domwoodman.com. Despite the many technical problems we manage to learn his favorite sandwich, whether he has fallen asleep during a meeting, and which kind of wood man he would be.

Episode 27 – Flying Colors with Jill Quick
January 17, 2019

Jill Quick is a Digital Marketing Trainer and Speaker. She’s the Co-founder of The Coloring In Department and has trained, along with her partner, over 65,000 people in her career. In this episode, we find out which consumer product she would endorse, he

Episode 26 – Lasagna & La Palomas with Hannah Thorpe
January 10, 2019

Hannah Thorpe is the Business Director for Found Online and was the UK Search Awards Young Search Professional of the Year 2017. In this episode, we find out the top answers are for “Hannah is…” on Google, whether she has drunk liquor straight from

Episode 25 – All Out of Bubblegum with Greg Gifford
January 03, 2019

Greg Gifford is Vice President of Search at DealerOn, Inc. He is all about Local SEO, Internet marketing, web design, and photography. In this episode, we find out about his Polish doppelganger, which item he tends to impulse purchase online while drunk,

Episode 24 – White Papers & Black Jeans with Rachel Costello
December 20, 2018

Creative-type turned professional Rachel Costello is a Technical SEO at DeepCrawl, as well as a Brighton SEO speaker. In the Room this week, we find out about her favorite item of clothing as a kid, which male character she has dressed up as, and her cho

Episode 23 – On the Run with Christi Olson
December 13, 2018

Entering the Room, we have Christi Olson, a Search Evangelist at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington. For more than a decade Christi has been a student and practitioner of SEM. In this episode, we find out if Content is King and Context is Queen – wha

Episode 22 – Getting it Done with Sam Marsden
December 06, 2018

Sam Marsden is an SEO and Content Manager at DeepCrawl, a Brighton SEO speaker, and a SEJ and State of Digital columnist. In this week’s episode, Marsden enters the Room and we find out what his hidden talent is, whether or not he has accidentally

Episode 21 Paging Dr. Foodie with Raffaele Asquer
November 28, 2018

Raffaele Asquer is the SEO project manager at Internet Brands. He is also the creator of Foodiamo, the Italian guide to Italian Food in Los Angeles, CA. Raffaele has a Ph.D. in Poli Sci from UCLA  and is a Scuola Normale Alumnus. Entering the room, we fi

Episode 20 – Patrick Kozakiewicz
November 22, 2018

Patrick Kozakiewicz is the Chief Evangelist at SecurionPay,the co-founder at Uloo.me, andworks at IBM Polska. He is known for his work with mindfulness, his dedication to veganism, and his expertise