eJenn Solutions: The Podcast Series

eJenn Solutions: The Podcast Series

S3:E4 How Instagram Grew My Business - Village Rock Shop

August 04, 2021


Podcast from eJenn Solutions, Inc - online marketing company


Are you looking to build a business from scratch? Take a lesson from Xenia Mateiu, our guest for the episode today! When Xenia Mateiu started, she was uncertain where her crystal business would take her. Fast forward to today, and Xenia is a successful small businesswoman who has also created a promising follower base on Instagram - all organically. She is the co-owner of the Village Rock Shop, where they sell the nest crystals and gemstones from all around the world at an affordable price!

In this episode, Xenia and I have a look at her fantastic business, its uniquely handcrafted products, including the magical Shungite crystal thats known to help from the EMF coming from devices. She also talks about her incredible team and how she created it. Most importantly, we discuss how Xenia used the power of Instagram to build a solid follower base and her thoughts on why building an organic company is a better approach than using ads for paid trac. Xenia also shares the tips for clicking amazing pictures of your products and the secrets to building her brick-and-mortar-cum-online e-commerce store organically!

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