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Edge of England

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Season Two, Episode Five: Winnie Sings!
February 12, 2020

Emily is astonished to be able to hear the voice of a woman with whom she has become obsessed: Winnifred Barnes, beautiful young star of the West End stage during World War One, who gave up her career to live, as an eccentric, on the edge of the cliff at

Season Two, Episode Four: The Mystery of the Son
August 06, 2019

In which we pick up with part two of the remarkable story of Parson Darby, his hole and his life-saving life. Cole and Emily go to find out the truth about this local legend from historian Elizabeth Wright, who reveals a surprising twist in the tale. Why

Season Two, Episode Three: The Mystery of the Light
July 16, 2019

In which we are haunted by a Spitfire yet again, before we go in search of the truth about a local legend. Who was Parson Darby? Where was his famous hole? Why did he sit in a cave in the face of the cliff for hours, day and night in all weathers, shining

Season Two, Episode Two: Wonderful Winnie
June 19, 2019

Podcast exploring the extraordinary life of Winifred Barnes, Edwardian singer, actor and comedy performer, a West End leading lady during World One and a sensation of the age, who retired mysteriously young and ran away to the seaside at Holywell in Eastb

Season Two, Episode One: Detectorists With Wings
May 30, 2019

In which Cole and Emily meet a man who makes supermodels look even better for a living, but who heads for the cliffs in his own time to spot birds as they arrive on their extraordinary journeys from the south reaches of Africa to the green hills of Englan

Episode Six: First Impressions
December 19, 2018

In which we end our first season of the Edge of England podcast by talking about our first impressions of this place and meeting Misgana, who came to the South Coast from Eritrea as a young girl, without really knowing why. It wasn't easy. Hers is a remar

Episode Five: Edgy Eastbourne
November 12, 2018

In which we listen to the sea, stare at the horizon, walk on the beach and argue about Debussy and his mistress, the Grand Hotel and the Posh Police, the Sovereign Light Platform, the golden haze in the sky and the impossibility of paddle boarding. The my

Episode Four: Cuckmere Haven
August 24, 2018

In which Cole and Emily go to the Coastguard Cottages at Cuckmere Haven and meet the cello virtuoso Anthony Albrecht, an Australian wanderer who has fallen in love with the place. We hear about the enchanting Lapwing Festival that he directs there, as par

Episode Three: Hope Gap
July 31, 2018

In which Cole and Emily are taken to the almost-secret Hope Gap by best-selling children's author and brilliant storyteller Giles Paley-Phillips, who has loved it since he was a child. Encountering a film crew (making a movie with Bill Nighy), dinosaurs,

Episode Two: To The Lighthouse …
June 15, 2018

The fascinating story of the Belle Tout lighthouse, which perches on the edge of a 400ft drop. Cole and Emily explore the building and talk to the owner David Shaw who has brought the lighthouse back from the edge of ruin. With a king, a queen, a Spitfire