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Eat To Perform Health episode with Jessica, Paul and Becky (HRT and Semaglutide were discussed)
July 13, 2023

This was a Q&A we did with our Eat To Perform Health partner Jessica. We covered a myriad of topics including her weight gain after body building. Questions related to HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and weight loss medications and we went over a ha

Is it time? Your Fat Loss options in the middle of the summer
July 04, 2023

Let's face it, I know it's not the middle of the summer but it feels like it and if the scale is up you want to know your options. Here they are in detail.

Comparing notes on Hormone Replacement with Paul and Becky June Happy Hour
June 24, 2023

The podcast starts off with Becky's experience with testosterone pellets and then clients that are using hormones or interested start to give their experiences. There were a few questions sprinkled in related to the need for resets and why each client

Surviving Summer: What NOT to do (is it ok to do Fat Loss during the Summer?) Member Q&A
May 26, 2023

Paul starts off with updates on LIFETIME and then dives right in to the topic of Surviving Summer. He covers why you need to take advantage of opportunities during the Summer, why you NEED strength training and talks about Set Point Theory. We wrap up t

April Lifetime Power Hour - The Transition from Fat Loss (FL) to Performance Recoup (PR) and How to Best Maintain Weight
May 01, 2023

In this podcast, Paul covers topics asked by our Lifetime Members. He covers everything from why you should lose the rigid mindset when it relates to success, the difference between a mini cut and a full fat loss cycle and if fasted workouts are beneficia

April Member Q&A - It's No Secret: It Does Work the Same for Everybody
April 28, 2023

Paul starts this podcast off with a few updates on Eat To Perform Health and Eat To Perform Kitchen, then we jump right in to answering questions from Members. He covers what small change can give you better results, why maintenance is a limiting idea and

March Lifetime Power Hour - Answering Your Questions
March 27, 2023

Happy Monday Everyone!In this podcast, Paul answers questions presented by Lifetime Members. He covers everything from are there foods that can decrease disease to how many fat loss cycles is too many? He ends it with a great message regarding what makes

March Member Call - Answering Your Questions
March 24, 2023

In this podcast, Paul dives deep in to questions asked by Eat To Perform members. The topics range from what vitamins and supplements are most beneficial, how likely is it for post menopausal women on HRT to increase muscle mass, and at what point do cort

Answering Your Questions - Lifetime Power Hour
February 27, 2023

Paul covers topics presented by our Lifetime Members in this podcast. He goes in detail about why the days undulate, especially in PR, he covers Eat To Perform Health updates and benefits and lets you know when the best time is to cut or build muscle. He

Answering Your Questions - Member Coaching Call
February 24, 2023

In this podcast, Paul answers questions from our members ranging from can you regain muscle after under eating most of your life to how and why does Recomp work? This podcast is full of information, so we encourage you to give it your full attention