EAST FORMS Drum & Bass

EAST FORMS Drum & Bass

Adam3 - Power Spot // East Forms Drum&Bass

October 17, 2021

Power Spot - Adam3 // Smashing out another prestigious episode, packed with a full range of flavors for East Forms Drum&Bass.

Big Ups to Soultex, MC ZAI and Jesse from Mettāsonic for sending in exclusive tracks.

Guest List - Adam3
Mystery - Command Strange
Cool Like Ice -M- DIS-TURBED
Iron Side - Blade
Red Carpet (Adam3 Bootleg) - Total Science
Iceman (Resound remix) - Ink
Burn Dem (final) - Tomoyoshi & MC ZAI
Spirit Molecule - Hadley
Make My Mind Go - DLR
Doll's Polyphony (AKIRA) - Soultex
Watch Your Step - Levela
Bubbler - Conrad Subs
Redlight (Nectax Bootleg) - Gold Teeth
Why Can't We See - High Hertz
Combination Style - Kumarachi
Band Practice - Upgrade
Is Anybody out There? (S.P.Y. VIP) - Bcee, S.P.Y
Spellbound (Spirit remix) - L-Side
Zero Sugar - Command Strange
Infamous MInded (Adam3 Dark Side Bootleg) - DJ Ink
Get Hot - BREAK
In the Pocket (Adam Remix) - Mark Knight
No Stranger To Danger - DJ Pure
Bagoshite (Isaac Maya remix) - TWISTED INDIVIDUAL
Work It - Delta Heavy
Boom - Andy C/Tonn Piper
Tuskan - You're Not Alone 2020 Olive Bootleg Tuskan
JANAWAY - Junglism
Heads High - (Dubruvvas Bootleg)
Shenseea & Teejay - Car Seat (Upgrade & Scudd Bootleg)
Crave You - Satl
If You Wait Remix (London Grammar) - Calibre
Meltdown (feat. Calibre) - Marcus Intalex
Last September - Stunna
The Emerald Coast - Stunna
See You Again ft. Charlie Puth (Danger Bootleg) - Wiz_Khalifa
Ocean Sounds - ("The Phantom Ghost Ship")
White Noise - Loopable
InstantLove - Amalgam
Secret Universe - Art of Drone
回想 - 芸能山城組
Saturn`s Rings - NASA Space Sound Recordings