e-Assessment Association Podcast

e-Assessment Association Podcast

#eAssess20 Insights - Encouraging innovation in edtech with Lucy Turner from Nesta

June 16, 2020

Recorded before the original conference was altered due to COVID-19, Lucy tells Tim about the work that Nesta do to encourage innovation in edtech, examples of where it is having an impact and what the future holds for the fund.

Lucy also gives an insight into her presentation where she will be asking, can technology help reduce teacher workload? And giving lessons from Nesta’s EdTech Innovation Fund

The presentation will also include:

  • An overview of Nesta’s work with technology organisations working to tackle teacher workload, in particular those focused on formative assessment and marking.

  • Examples of innovative practice to help remove some of the workload burden from assessment

  • What does future hold for technology and assessment? The opportunities and risks of AI in education.

  • Where are the gaps? Where more innovation is needed.


You can hear Lucy speaking online on Wednesday 8th July 2pm BST: Assessment in Higher Education. To register for the e-Assessment Question Conference, visit: https://e-assessment-question.com/book/


Lucy Turner, https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucy-turner-20a82689/

Host: Tim Burnett, https://www.linkedin.com/in/tburnett/ | https://twitter.com/TimBurnett_UK/

e-Assessment Question Conference, https://e-assessment-question.com, Starting June 23rd and running for 3 weeks.

See the full conference programme here: https://e-assessment-question.com/conference-programme/