e-Assessment Association Podcast

e-Assessment Association Podcast

From Australia to Europe, and back again - A global take on e-Assessment

February 04, 2020

In this episode from the e-Assessment Association, Vice-Chair Tim Burnett chats with Peter Westcott, an educational consultant from Melbourne, Australia. Peter talks with Tim about his journey around Europe and his experience with assessment in Australia.

Peter started his journey in Seville at the iCERi Conference, presenting a paper on a facial recognition tool to measure student engagement. Peter then visited Belgium, Denmark and London looking at a range of exciting educational assessment projects that are underway.

Peter’s passion is the use of technology in Pastoral Care and shares his experiences and observations about the potential technology has for the improvement of the learning journey.


Peter Westcott


A strategic, creative and outcomes driven 'imagineer' and 'learntrepreneur', I’m a Higher Education Specialist Consultant focusing on innovations in Authentic Assessment and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) including:

- Virtual Learning Environments (VLE and LMS)

- Learning Analytics (analysis of learners and learning)

- e-Exams and e-assessment

- remote proctoring and invigilation

- leveraging AI and Machine Learning to improve education outcomes

Interviewed by Tim Burnett, Vice-Chair, e-Assessment Association