Ear Warp Podcast

Ear Warp Podcast

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Act 03 – Delbert Poops for Cigarettes – Tales of Turds
September 28, 2018

The chained his refrigerator, took away his cigarettes and Delbert is very upset. Would you poop your jeans and lay down in the middle of the street to get food and cigarettes? Delbert, he does this and more. Also he makes friends by giving them warm unc

Earwarp Podcast – Episode 6 – Mutant Plants, Cocaine Bananas and Asian Asteroid Robots
September 24, 2018

Genetically engineered plants GLOW when they are wounded! $18 million in cocaine shows up in boxes of bananas donated to Texas prison. Japan lands first robot on asteroid. 

Act 02 – Mike “Passes” a Football – Tales of Turds
September 22, 2018

Mike is not very nice. But lays down a nice log! Football sized turd. Hard as a chunk of red clay mud. How will Kickstand ever get this to flush? The answer will amaze and astonish.

Earwarp Podcast – Episode 5 – Over and Under
September 19, 2018

Over or Under, how should toilet paper hang? / Bert and Ernie, they are gay right? The writer says yes, but Sesame Street says NO! / Reality star guy and his girlfriend, drugging and raping people. He should star his own Reality show, getting pulverized