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Ear Warp Podcast

Ear Warp Podcast – Episode 6.10.19 – Lady Bug Swarm on Radar. Justin Beiber vs Tom Cruise MMA. Aliens again.

June 09, 2019

Weather RADAR displays an enormously massive lady bug swarm occupying ten miles of sky and appearing as climate data. – Per NPR

Justin Beiber has challenged Tom Cruise to MMA combat within the octagon on Twitter.

An unbeatable low point for human kind should this special event fail to occur. – Per CNN

Even further discourse concerning Ancient Astronaut Theory (link to WIKI) and Ancient Aliens (on History) @AncientAliens. Robert M. Schoch @schochrobert has a go at being reasonable with his “scientific research”.

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Hollywood has declared that contesting 109 hours of video research material is like claiming that the Spinx is indeed a Kangaroo.

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It’s so good it can’t be wrong!

Ear Warp Podcast 6.10.19

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