Ear Warp Podcast

Ear Warp Podcast

Ear Warp Podcast – Episode 5.29.19 – Ancient Astronaut Theorist Say “Yes” One Last Time

May 28, 2019

Put Giorgio Tsoukalos @Tsoukalos on notice. This episode has sadly put him out of a job. No more Ancient Alien “Question”, we figured it out. @earwarp #hangingdong

Go grab some pine time ROOKIES! We actually found the answer INSIDE of Mount Everest. It was up there under the trail of dead rich people and their 17 tons of shit, poops and logs, “evidence” of their “achievement”.

Who cares about “climbing a mountain”. THERE’S NOTHING UP THERE!

Excuse me but there’s only 1 mountain and he is a pile of ashes in the rubble at Kings Landing. Graham Hancock @Graham__Hancock says that there are at least 5 previous versions of Kings Landing and Zahi Hawass @ZahiHawass was an asshole in all 5!