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Ear Warp Podcast – Episode 7.11.19 – AfroFuture makes us slaves to ticket prices. Growing meat from seeds.
July 10, 2019

AfroFuture Fest KOs decades of progress with race based ticket prices. Tiny Jag says we cant be slaves to ticket prices. Can meat grow from a seed? Sure, you know its ripe when it turns vegan.

Ear Warp Podcast – Episode 6.10.19 – Lady Bug Swarm on Radar. Justin Beiber vs Tom Cruise MMA. Aliens again.
June 09, 2019

Weather RADAR displays an enormously massive lady bug swarm occupying ten miles of sky and appearing as climate data. Justin Beiber has challenged Tom Cruise to combat within the octogon. An unbeatable low point for human kind should this special event f

Ear Warp Podcast – Episode 5.29.19 – Ancient Astronaut Theorist Say “Yes” One Last Time
May 28, 2019

Put Giorgio Tsoukalos @Tsoukalos on notice. This episode has sadly put him out of a job. No more Ancient Alien Question, we figured it out. @earwarp #hangingdong

Ear Warp Podcast – Episode 4.15.19 – Part 1 – Be Pretty and Be Quiet.
April 14, 2019

Tiger Woods gets a win. Hollywood and Lawless preach 90’s NBA.

Ear Warp Podcast – Episode 3.3.19 – Smell Yo Tooth! Pirate music festival, grow tooth in nose, Elon Musk in space again.
March 02, 2019

What if you could smell your tooth? You could if one grew inside of your nose. Yes, it can happen. Yo ho ho and a pirate festival son. Elon Musk is still goofing off in space. Why doesnt he send a goldfish up there and see if it can still swim when the w

Earwarp Podcast – Episode 2.24.19 – Kentucky bill to ban underage sex dolls – Kratom report
February 23, 2019

There is a bill in Kentucky to ban underage child sex dolls. Should they be illegal? Lawless updates us on his Kratom experience.  

Earwarp Podcast – Episode 2.11.19 – I am going to choke out a mountain lion today. What should I wear?
February 10, 2019

Man chokes out mountain lion. Fabric can tell the temperature. Tara is a Turd Girl

Act 04 – Tom Poops a Pringles Can – Tales of Turds
September 28, 2018

Sometimes theres a man. And then sometimes theres a man who poops turds the size of a Pringles can. That man is Tom. Have you ever tried to flush a Pringles can? It doesnt work. Not without some smooshing. Good one Tom!