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Top House Judiciary Dem just revealed Trump’s “Achilles Heel” in the impeachment inquiry
September 21, 2019

Scott speaks with Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee overseeing an impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump. Rep. Raskin shared what he believes is one of the most likely,

A new book just revealed how women are changing the face of politics in America
September 17, 2019

Scott speaks with author Caitlin Moscatello, whose new book “See Jane Win: The inspiring story of women changing American politics” documents the #BlueWave 2018 election, introducing readers to a diverse group of women who became first-time candidates ...

Peter Frampton just announced four new albums while he’s “on top of his game”
September 02, 2019

Scott talks with rock legend Peter Frampton about his Finale – the Farewell Tour, as well as his new album All Blues. During the interview, Frampton explained that he’s got four albums ready to roll, is still on the top of his game and that we should e...

Green Shirt Guy just revealed a new way to defeat Trump’s racist immigration policies
August 28, 2019

Scott talks with Alex Kack, the political activist best known as Green Shirt Guy after he went viral at a Tucson, Arizona public meeting at City Hall. Alex revealed that the group he’s a part of, the People’s Defense Initiative,

Actor Kirk Acevedo just told us why he’s leading the Equinox gym boycott
August 14, 2019

Scott speaks with actor Kirk Acevedo, whose viral tweet helped spark a national movement to boycott the Equinox gym after its majority owner held a massive high-dollar fundraiser for racist politician Donald Trump.

E. Jean Carroll just told us everything.
August 06, 2019

Scott speaks with E. Jean Carroll, whose Elle Magazine column “Ask E. Jean” is the longest-running magazine column in America. She told us about the events in her new book “What do we need men for? A modest proposal” without any limits or boundaries,

Journalist who first exposed Jeffrey Epstein just laughed at Acosta’s Trump-like lies
July 12, 2019

Scott speaks with investigative journalist Vicky P.J. Ward. Not only was she the first major journalist to thoroughly investigate Jeffrey Epstein, but she talked with us extensively about her recently released a New York Times bestseller book entitled ...

Jennifer Rubin just told us who is NOT going to win the Democratic primary
July 03, 2019

Scott speaks with Jennifer Rubin, a columnist at the Washington Post and MSNBC contributor who left the GOP in 2016 after the rise of Trump. We discuss what Dems need to win in 2020, as well as on a variety of topics including America’s newly close rel...

Emily Hampshire from Schitt’s Creek talks about being proud of who you truly are
June 22, 2019

Scott talks with Emily Hampshire about her lead role on the hit Canadian television series, Schitt’s Creek, available on the Netflix streaming service. They talk about the final days of taping on the set, how she got the gig in the first place and bein...

Brian Karem just asked why it took Trump’s “propaganda artist” so long to leave
June 17, 2019

Scott interviews White House correspondent Brian Karem who works for Playboy and is also a CNN contributor. He explains what’s really going on behind the scenes at the White House, and why they’ve canceled the regular press briefings Americans have bee...