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#20: We Only Share Needles
July 11, 2016

On this super-sized episode of Drinky Files, Dean-O and Ryan are joined by Steven, Chris and Nick to discuss the Pope, technology, Star Wars, Kenny Chesney (for some reason), Anime, and vidyagames.

#19: We are Afraid of Change
June 19, 2016

In this short episode, things go way over Dean-O and Ryan's heads (unfortunately), and we discuss millennials and statistics... at the same time! Drinking Game!

#18: We Are Round Mounds of Pound
May 28, 2016

Ryan and Dean-O talk about Fair Use, internet lies, videogames, Captain America's nazism, modern mythology, the separation between art and artist, and Anime!

#17: Skip To The End For The Beginning
May 28, 2016

Dean-O, Ryan, and new guest CORA talk about film casting, the Hoodrolic Prress, Anime, America Beer, frytossing, and dick farming.

#16: We Are Becky
May 06, 2016

Ryan and Dean-O talk about the why-is-this-even-an-issue bathroom issue, pluralizing Apple device(s), Becky with the damned high-and-tight (for all I care), and the stupidity of the Beyhive. We also make fun of playground watermelons and have (well, discu

#15: This Was a VERY Gay Bar
April 19, 2016

Ryan and Dean-O are back to discuss... well, a ton of stuff including Strip Jenga, names for things that shouldn't be named, naked people at parties, gay bars, and fetishes. After typing all that, I think this one got a little strange. Oh, well.

#14: We Prefer Big Meat
April 07, 2016

It's the Terrible Twosome, Ryan and Dean-O, again! We discuss medication, meat sizes, VR technology (again), card games, and Game of Thrones! It's just the two of us this time.

#13: We Love Receiving
March 24, 2016

Ryan is on vacation, but that didn't stop him from casting pods! He and his guest Emily remoted in from the exotic land of "Fee-Nix" to drink with Dean-O and Steven in studio. We discuss video games, little-known bands, and the new Drinky Files Drinking G

#12: Twatter-Dot-Church
March 08, 2016

Ryan and Dean-O talk to returning guest Steven to discuss video games (way too much), childhood, Rick and Morty, technology, and philosophy!

#11: That's How You Know Good Lube
February 21, 2016

On this episode, Dean-O and Ryan are joined by newcomer Steven! Listen to us discuss Deadpool, Wolverine, Kanye West's butthole, and testing lube in Wal Mart.