Dream Builder Financial - Making Finances Easy For You - Personal Finance and Career Development

Dream Builder Financial - Making Finances Easy For You - Personal Finance and Career Development

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1008 – Profit First straight from Mike Michalowicz
February 21, 2017

Mike Michalowicz the author of Profit First along with Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, Pumpkin Plan and Surge; joins us today for an interview about his new book being released. If you had questions about Profit First, we probably got them answered here!

1007 – How to Take Your Profit First and the Secret Ingredient to Savings
February 15, 2017

The key to determining savings amounts for savings goals is the length of time available for saving. Time value of money can be a very strong participant in meeting financial goals. Understanding Profit First is the first step but here you will learn e...

1006 – Financial Goal Setting is the key to Wealth Creation and Profit First is the key to Business Cash Flow Management
February 02, 2017

Last week in the personal finances section, we introduced the personal financial statement as the starting line you can later look back on. This week, we’re talking about goals — the finish line that you’re set on getting to.

1005 – Compelling Reasons Why Business Ownership Leads to Wealth
January 20, 2017

This week, the personal finance section of the show deals with the often-overlooked personal financial statement. Even though many people neglect to complete one, this statement is integral in knowing your net worth and assessing whether you’re making p

1004 – A Look at the Past and the Future, What to Expect in the Year Ahead
January 13, 2017

In this episode, Moshe invites you to visit the past and future. You’ll remember that last week, he explained that the podcast will take a new, three-section format covering personal finances, business, and taxes. In this episode,

1003 – Avoiding Common Mistakes at Tax Time
January 06, 2017

Starting with this episode, these podcasts will have a new format consisting of three sections. Each show will begin with a personal finance topic, move on to a business topic, and conclude with a tax topic.

1002 – Solopreneur to Entrepreneur – The Cliff Ravenscraft Next Step Solution
January 15, 2016

In this episode, I address Cliff Ravenscraft’s dilemma outlined in Podcast Answer Man Episode 432 – Year of Identity – Part 1 and The Cliff Ravenscraft Show Episode 635 – Year of Identity Part 2. Cliff has found a calling to become a life and business ...

1001 – Is Lack Of A Dream Holding You Back?
September 03, 2015

Dreams are the most important component of a financial plan. Without dreams, there is no motivation and without motivation there cannot be true success. As the inaugural episode of The DreamBuilder Financial Podcast,