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Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 275 – SPUTNIK
September 17, 2020

Привет идиоты With the elections on the horizon, much of the world is once again focused on potential Russian interference  on the U.S. elections. Here at the Who Goes There Podcast we're far more concerned with what the Rooskies have brought back f...

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep274 – IDLE HANDS
September 10, 2020

Alright, zip it, nerdlingers! We have a very important announcement and we need your full attention. Ahem... FUCKIN CHRIS IS BACK DUUUUUUUUUDES! That's right! We convinced Chris to crawl out of his quarantine cavern and join us (on discord)!

G.U.T.S. Podcast Ep 46 HOST
September 03, 2020

The G.U.T.S. Podcast checks out Shudder's new banger Host as it continues making waves in the horror scene. From across the pond, Jed & Radina give them the ins and outs of this new age horror. 

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep273 – CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST
September 01, 2020

Gather 'round, nerdlings! For today, is a special day. Today, is a day that I have anticipated for over seven years. Today, is Cannibal Holocaust day. That's right! We are reviewing the very film that made me want to start a podcast.

G.U.T.S. Podcast Ep 45 Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with Caroline Williams
August 27, 2020

We got the pleasure to chat with the one and only Caroline Williams aka Stretch of Texas chainsaw massacre. She lets us know about all her upcoming ventures. Mainly we get the details on the upcoming, and long-awaited Ten Minutes to Midnight.

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep272 – Host & Impetigore
August 25, 2020

Buenos dias, all my little nose goblins! Your favorite international sex symbols are back with another episode that is just bulging with greatness! We know you have a hard enough time taking in our usual, above average content, so this week,

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep271 – ICHI THE KILLER
August 16, 2020

Rejoice, idiots! For we have returned. Needless to say we greatly enjoyed the summer break we afford ourselves every year, it was most enjoyable. But enough of this sentimental bologna; let's get down to business! This week,

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep270 – LIFEFORCE
August 03, 2020

Saaaaaaaah, dudes! So remember last week, when like, we went to space? Well, we decided to stay for a week. Lots of tight space type things out here. While we're here we're going to discuss another space movie. Isn't that nice of us? Yes, yes it was.

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep269 – FROM BEYOND
July 28, 2020

Greeting from space, Earth dorks! Pack your freeze-dried Thanksgiving dinner, kiss the kids goodbye, we're going to space! (Spoiler: we'll be in space next week too!) Our resident android Rhett has been suggesting 1986's From Beyond for a long time....

Who Goes There Podcast: Ep268 – HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN ft Say You Love Satan
July 20, 2020

(Unfortunately the intro plays over the first few seconds, but you don't miss anything. Hell Comes To Frogtown is available on Shudder.) Welcome, friends, to a very special episode of the Who Goes There Podcast! This week,