126: You Can Successfully Navigate Change

January 05, 2023

If you are facing change, whether it’s coming at you, happening within, or something you’re leading, you can successfully navigate change by gaining awareness, gaining skills and knowledge, looking back at your past for insight that will help you to move forward, and take action in areas that are within your control. Listen to today’s podcast for tips and strategies to successfully navigate change.

This is episode number 126. Welcome to the Mindset for Life Podcast. This podcast is for you if you love, serve, teach and lead others. You want things to keep getting better. You want encouragement. And just one little idea today to get stronger in your life, your relationships or your work. I help people take control of their current situation and have power to do what they need to do in the future. Join me in Mindset for Life.

Welcome to mindset for life today, this is Bethanie Hansen. And I am very happy to be with you to talk about change.
We’re either being changed, resisting change, or leading change.
Just as a big broad idea, change is a big scary topic, right? Some people really don't like change. Maybe a little bit of change is good if we think of it ourselves, if we're in charge of the change, right? But if change is just happening all around us, in our workplace, in our life, and our world. And if we're not in control of that change, it can be scary and even incapacitating.

It can cause us to be stuck, paralyzed, unable to move forward. And it can make it very difficult to think clearly and do those things that we care most about.

So in change, there are three roles that happen. And one of those is that we are being changed. This one is somewhat intentional, right?

So if we're being changed in this whole process of change happening, than we're probably learning, growing, adapting, adjusting ourselves in some way, either externally or internally.

When I'm talking about internal change, I'm really talking about self talk, the way we think, the way we conceive of that change and the experience we're having. So it's external or its internal, but somehow we are growing, we are developing in that change.

So maybe we're being changed in the change. Or a second option is we're resisting the change. I think that one is a pretty common experience that I've had, maybe you've had it too--something is changing, and we do not like it. We don't want it to happen.

So maybe we're talking about it a lot. We're stewing about it, we're thinking about how much we longed for the way it used to be.

Maybe we're wishing for the good things of the past, we just don't want this change to be happening. And the truth is, it is happening.

There's nothing we can do about it, the change is happening. And we have to get on board. But we are so stuck, we are resisting that change, we just don't like it.

And the third option is that we are leading the change. Maybe we came up with some new direction our family needs to move in, or where we want to change something in our personal life. Maybe we're going to be changing the business, the classroom, the team we're leading, whatever it is, we are leading that change. And in any kind of change, there are some stages that we all go through. So I want to just share some ideas today, they're going to give you one little insight to help you get through a change you might be experiencing right now. Or a change that might be coming up for you. So whether you're going to be changed by it, because you're resisting it or you're leading it, something's going to happen. And if you'd like more personal power in the journey you’re on, this idea could be very helpful.
You can choose to use change as a growth and learning opportunity.
This idea is the choice between either growing through this change experience, whether you're leading it resisting it, or it's changing you, right, you can grow in the experience. Or you can actually gain some knowledge or some skill or some capacity beca...