Draw 4 Podcast

Draw 4 Podcast

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Episode 24: The Power of Positive Thinking in MTG
August 11, 2016

What is budget Magic? The power of positive thinking, and how to balance with critical thinking i...

Episode 23: Eldritch Moon Limited Set Review
July 15, 2016

Special guests Jared DeMartini and BAFDraft hosts Matt and Gary. Overall impressions of ENM Limit...

Episode 22: What is No-Ban-List Modern?
June 28, 2016

Production Team - What would Modern look like with no ban list? Also: anxiety at your first GP, a...

Episode 21: Is Eternal Masters Worth the Money?
June 16, 2016

The breakout cards and archetypes of Standard. A beginner's guide to MTGO. Should you buy Eternal...

Episode 20: The Seven Deadly Sins of MTG
June 08, 2016

Production Team - What do you do when you are tired of your deck? Looking at an article about kid...

Episode 19: New Cards Making a Splash in Modern
May 26, 2016

Production Team talks Standard cards in Modern, how to prepare for a MTG GP, and Triskaidekaphobi...

Episode 18: Kaladesh News and Reprint Revolt
May 24, 2016

Joined by John Wells of Eyes on the Mise. New Kaladesh block announced, plus all sets for 2016. A...

Episode 17: Shadows Over the Pro Tour
May 11, 2016

Joined by Reuben Bresler of Magic Mics, Joseph, Brenda, and TJ talk Pro Tour: Shadows over Innist...

Episode 16: We're Always Watching SOI Limited
May 05, 2016

New SOI Standard, the flaws of the PPTQ/RPTQ system, SOI limited formats, and sharing prerelease ...

Episode 15: SOI Prerelease Rules Primer
April 01, 2016

Joined by L2 Judge Steve Wise to talk Shadows over Innistrad mechanics and sealed.