Dorms and Dragons

Dorms and Dragons

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Episode 3: PIRATES
October 09, 2015

Lost in an ominous and foreboding fog, the crew finds their ship under siege. Listen as we navigate combat on the high seas and stare in horror as two members of the party have their first run in with the ever-present beckoning of the afterlife....

Episode 2: Off Course
September 28, 2015

In the second episode of the famous podcast, Dorms and Dragons, Elle drives a boat. But that's not all! The captain finds a fugitive, 'lil Dill shamelessly flirts with EVERYONE, and the boat is suddenly and mysteriously steered off course. Tune in on...

Episode 1: The Captain and His Boat
September 15, 2015

In this debut episode of The Dorms and Dragons Podcast, our budding adventurers meet (entirely by chance) by an advertisement in the heart of the port city of ORMERE lesser. Enticed by promises of fame, fortune, and gold, our heroes must convince...