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Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast

20 | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

June 12, 2019

Who’s up for some Harry Potter Trivia? Every great journey has to start somewhere. The billion dollar plus franchise got its start with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Or, to us North American’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Either way, it’s past time we went into the Wizarding World and the 20th episode seemed like the perfect time to do it.
Grab your wand and quills and get to class. You don’t want detention with Snape again!
Book of the Week
Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Published in conjunction with the special exhibition Harry Potter: A History of Magic, this complete catalog of the over 150 artifacts on display gives readers an up-close look at magical treasures from all over the world. Exclusive to the New York run are amazing artifacts from American institutions — including an original Audubon illustration, a narwhal’s tusk (or is it a unicorn’s horn?), an ancient Iranian astrolabe, and more — as well as never-before-seen original artwork by Mary GrandPré and early correspondence between J.K. Rowling and her American editor, Arthur Levine.

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